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Provide technology infrastructure and operation services related to Deep learning.

We focused on R & D to apply the new technologies necessary for realizing the digital transformation strategy of global partners to the latest equipment.

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The competitiveness of AI application services comes from sophisticated and fast prediction.
Provides infrastructure for competitiveness.

AI Model Dev.

Platform to develop the most efficient artificial intelligence brain(MODELs) made of images, videos, and complex learning data.

Edge node

Advantage related to reducing response latency, cost reduction, security, and personal information by placing intermediate computing support on artificial intelligence key nodes.


software and hardware construction methodology optimized for AI workflows


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the technology are making the world more beautiful.

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platform that reflects the business model of linkage and expansion with AI ecosystem participants

The products and services of the common hardware infrastructure are becoming difficult to match with the core strategies of more diversified companies. Directions aimed at changing these compute-requiring resources are essential in an advanced AI strategy.

Dr. Jaehoon Lee / Head of Division

Expect that the model infrastructure will become the core ecosystem of artificial intelligence, and the combination of hardware and modeling know-how will lead this AI market. It will be in the spotlight as a community that can optimize all of the three key elements of artificial intelligence: data + algorithm + computing power.

Dr. Sung-Hyeok Park / AI Professor

The key to smart factory automation equipment is speed and accuracy-based process improvement. Immediate action must be taken through management and control in real time. In order to make optimal decisions in these technological changes, we need to be able to accommodate services. We expect synergy with scalable, high-performance microserver-based computing power.

Junyoung Lee CEO / Smart Factory

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The competitive edge of AI application services comes from sophisticated and fast forecasting.
Do you need infrastructure to build AI models? Find DeepAbyss.io