who we are

For AI infra 
data scientists and developers.

Anyone who lights up the world through artificial intelligence is dreaming. We provide the computing infrastructure to make it happen.

what do we offer

Provides a platform
for the AI ​​brain.

provides the AI ​​hardware and software infrastructure that developers want.

Customization and specialized technology to meet the demands of the AI ​​application industry for a variety of workflows.

We are with the developer

provides the methodology of AI infrastructure synergy.

consulting and professional services company that provides deep learning technology infrastructure and strategic services.

The model is developed from the data. It also provides an effective artificial intelligence service development methodology that combines IOT devices with application services in edge node networks.

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The competitive edge of AI application services comes from sophisticated and fast forecasting.
Do you need infrastructure to build AI models? Find DeepAbyss.io

DeepAbyss.io AI application model

DeepAbyss.io has developed Deep Learning – facial recognition inference developed with openvino toolkit based on the Caffe2 Ai Framework and Resnet5.0 convolutional neural network (CNN).
intel ICS

Tech Partnership

The technology infrastructure is built through global channels and strategic partnerships. We will provide higher value.